The Unlikely Tale of LEGO, Streetcars and SteamPunk

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Like many cities, Toronto, Ontario’s early days of public transportation featured streetcars as a form of moving groups of people around the vast city. A company called SteamPunk Junction Media and Entertainment Production are working to document the history of the TTC and their iconic streetcars.

In Toronto horse-drawn streetcars ran from 1861 to 1884 and even today streetcars are used in many areas of the city, the most famous being the Queen Street line. Things have come a long way from the horse-drawn streetcar inspiration that gave rise to the LEGO Ideas project here and today Toronto uses very modern computerized flexible streetcars.

Evolution of Toronto's Red Rocket
Evolution of Toronto’s Red Rocket

This page on the Steampunk Junction website traces all of the group’s efforts in recreating the various stages of streetcar development and the streetcar shed built out of the Campbell Block building. They’ve even had their early model of the Campbell Block and horse-drawn streetcars displayed in the lobby of the Bank of Montreal in the Junction.

All of this supports their Tales of Toronto Transit project:

“T.T.T. is an upcoming non-profit YouTube series, being produced by SteamPunk Junction. The series will tell the story of how Toronto, Canada, got its first public transit vehicles, and how they have evolved into our modern TTC vehicles. Each episode will be around 3 to 5 minutes long, and will feature modern & archival footage, interviews with prominent people of Toronto’s history, and Lego models of various historical vehicles.”


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  1. Thanks for sharing my story! 🙂 Although if you had contacted me you would know that there is only one person behind SteamPunk Junction (which is a Media and Entertainment Production company), and these Lego models. You can follow me on!


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