Make round windows with LEGO? Yes you can!

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Mix a little creative thinking, some ingenuity and a bit of necessity, and you’ve got yourself an awesome technique for creating ROUND windows out of LEGO bricks.

We’ve all seen the arches Instagram user askansbricks uses here, and I’m sure we’ve all thought they make a great round shape, but how to make it work! Well, in order to complete this little church Askan figured it out and shared the trick with us.

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How to make round Lego windows! I wanted to build this church, but did’t know how to make round windows. I got some advice from Legofan oOger at and here is the solution I ended up with. I share it in case someone else is interested. Pic 1. Two arched bricks are put together, the lower is upside down. In between are 2 pcs of “1×1 plate with clip”, turned upside down to be attached to the lower arch. The clip is then attached to “1×1 bricks with handle” which are oriented the normal way and can easily be built in to the rest of building. Pic 2. A tile is attached to hide the studs on the upside down arch. The arch+tile can now be put against another tile in the normal building direction, see pic 3, and you can continue building the wall with studs upward. It is also nice because two tiles and one plate with a clip equals the height of one brick which makes building easy. All in all following pieces are upside down: 1 arched brick, 2 plates with clip, 1 tile. All other are turned in the normal direction. I put some black bricks behind the window to make it look good. Pic 4. Half finished church and part of my kitchen ? I hope it was possible to understand ?? #lego #askansbricksBTS #architecture #legoarchitecture #legoarchitecturestudio #lego21050

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