LEGO and Lagers in Toronto

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Every Tuesday night starting January 19 the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto will be hosting LEGO and Lagers in their Melody Bar. Located on trendy Queen Street West, the Gladstone is a landmark hotel in the area and seems dedicated to reminding adults that they had a good time when they were younger. I visited the Gladstone last year, and the Melody Bar and they are great spaces to enjoy yourself and hang out with friends.

The Melody Bar will supply boxes of LEGO to help you unleash you inner child and bring out that suppressed (or maybe not suppressed) creative side that needs to play with LEGO. Lager (or other adult beverages) will of course be available to purchase from the bar at these 19+ only event.

Aside from LEGO and Lager Tuesdays the Gladstone also just started hosting Colouring for Adults, which is now a recurring event on Thursdays.

If you know of any other places doing this type of event, please let us know.

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