LEGO Ideas: 9 Projects Qualify for Third 2015 Review

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LEGO Ideas is a pretty awesome idea and we’ve talked about it before. The short version is that anyone can submit an idea for a new LEGO set to the LEGO Ideas website and from there site visitors get to look at and talk about the set, and if they really like it they can “support” the idea basically by voting for it. Sets that reach 10,000 supporters may then be considered by the LEGO Group to be officially produced and marketed to the world.

The Third 2015 LEGO Review qualifying period ended last Monday morning, January 4th at midnight Billund Time. In total 9 amazing LEGO sets had qualified for review and potential production. Three of the sets snuck in under the wire and qualified over the final weekend, barely making it into the review.

Click the pictures below to learn more about each project.

20,000 Leagues under the Sea NAUTILUS

Toyota Landcruiser 40 Series

Beatles Yellow Submarine

Jurassic Park Explorer

HMS Beagle

Apollo 11 Saturn-V

Concorde Display Set

National Park Service Centennial Vignettes

Victorian London Christmas

My Thoughts

Saving my thoughts for last, since they’re not important overall here. My favorite set is the Victorian London Christmas, but I don’t expect to see it win. Why? It’s too seasonal. Most of the other Ideas winners have had a broader appeal. Granted some are more narrow like TV shows or MineCraft, but they tend to reward creativity and some educational value as well.

My choice would be for the HMS Beagle and a second might be the Yellow Submarine. The Beagle is full of educational value and looks like it might be a cool model, while the Yellow Submarine is iconic and part of the history of Rock & Roll. We’ll find out later this year what set will be produced.

Speaking of what will be produced, the image below shows the 9 sets currently under review for release in early 2016. Again, I have my opinions. While the Rivendell set is beautiful and will undoubtedly appeal to a large demographic, the set is too big for most people to want in their homes, but that’s just my opinion. For the reasons above, I’d love to see the LEGO Physics set win followed by Indominous Rex because it looks awesome. Finally, the Modular Library concept should be adapted by LEGO Group and turned into a proper modular set.

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