BrickUniverse Raleigh FOL Conference – April 1- 3

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No, this is not going to an April Fools Joke that lasts 3 days, it’s going to be way better. BrickUniverse is both a conference for builders to learn, exhibit and socialize with each other, along with a public display and vendor area.

Here’s how BrickUniverse explains it: “What is the difference between the public BrickUniverse event and FOL Conference? It’s simple – the FOL Conference is the name for the AFOL fan convention that happens as part of BrickUniverse. BrickUniverse is the full public show running immediately afterwards on 10pm – 4pm. It’s 3 days of LEGO fan fun!

Scheduled to attend are BZPower’s Andrew Butlhaupt (Black Six), Brickipedia’s George Barnick, Beyond the Brick’s Matthew Kay, LEGO Artists Rocco Buttliere and Jonathan Lopes. Along with a series of presentations the event offers lots of social opportunities like late night pizza parties, informal round-tables and unexpected games.

You’ll have a chance to buy LEGO from brick vendors such as eclipseGRAFX, Clone Army Customs, Brixalotl, The Brick Show, MinifigFX, The Brick Shoppe, Blinky Bricks, BrickCrafts, and more. This could inspire you to build some of the exhibits you see, or maybe you’ll be inspired to go home and start working on a brand new masterpiece for next year’s event.

Attendees also receive a goody bag which is promised to be even better than the awesome 2015 version.

Here’s how the new agenda will line up;

  • Friday will now be an Exhibitor and Vendor setup day only. So our Builders have a full day available to setup the best displays possible.
  • Seminars, workshops, games, and FOL activities will happen all day on Friday and before and after public hours on Saturday and Sunday.
  • 10am – 4pm on Saturday and Sunday, BrickUniverse will be open to the general public.

Registration for the FOL conference is now available on the website.

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