How Did Nexo Knights Become a LEGO Blockbuster?

LEGO’s newest property is called Nexo Knights and has exploded all over toy store shelves, TV screens and tablets around the world. Fast Company, a business magazine, has taken an inside look at how the LEGO Group created the Nexo Knights following in the successful footsteps of Ninjago and The Legend of Chima.

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The real secret to this becoming huge is the over 150 unique powers scattered throughout the multimedia presence of the Nexo Knights. Each power can only be gained by scanning a special shield with the Merlock 2.0 app, so the more you watch, buy, play and consume, the more powers you can unlock. If you don’t, then you’ll never get to the good stuff.

Fast Company profiled the LEGO Group last year, and it’s another great read to find out more about the LEGO Group.