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LEGO Encourages #BuildToGive This Holiday Season

The LEGO Group is continuing to encourage children to build this year as they have throughout the COVID 19 pandemic. The holidays will be...

LEGO & Tongal Collab Seeks Beta Testers

"Tongal is the ultimate platform for content creation, used by studios, brands and talent from all over the world." which makes sense when your...

LEGO Systems Press Release from Toy Fair

PRNewswire carried the following press release from LEGO Systems, Inc and relates to New York Toy Fair that runs February 13 - 16th. LEGO...

How Did Nexo Knights Become a LEGO Blockbuster?

LEGO's newest property is called Nexo Knights and has exploded all over toy store shelves, TV screens and tablets around the world. Fast Company,...

Let’s Talk About LEGO Sets

Yes, let's talk about LEGO. But not about LEGOS or legos. Why not? Because according to the LEGO Group, those are not the proper...