65,000-piece LEGO Concorde from Brickvention

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We’re talking about Ryan McNaught again, maybe because he has a huge imagination, tons of talent, and does amazing work. This time, one of his other presentations at Brickvention 2016 is front and center, his rendition of the Air France Concorde.

McNaught is a self-professed “plane Nerd” which is a surprise considering the number of ships and boats in his Flickr account. He says that this build was inspired by his 2010 model of an Airbus A380 cutaway. Like that model, the Concorde is a realistic view of the supersonic aircraft on one side and a cutaway showing the internal structure on the other. One detail to notice is the presence of a croissant in the rear galley.

The Concorde model is over 13 feet long and took about 188 hours to build. One thing to note is that this model was built during the same period as his Titanic model in December 2015.

All photos are from Ryan McNaught’s Flickr stream.

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