Football In Bricks

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Sorry, we’re not talking about the NFL, we’re talking about the UK “football” or “soccer” as it’s known here in North America.

UK football fan Chris Smith started a business called Brickstand about 18 months ago with the goal of producing LEGO replicas of all 92 grounds. Each stadium is available for sale on his site, which is sure to please football fans who are known to be fanatical in their following for a favorite team.

His latest creation was King Power Stadium in Leicester and was featured on the Leicester Mercury website. The finished model used over 1000 bricks and is 60cm x 50cm x 12cm because he needed to fit the words “Leicester City” across the stands.

The piece has already be sold to a local buyer for £290.

Smith has completed models of 33 out of 92 league grounds in the UK and has found Pittodrie Stadium, home to Aberdeen’s team, to be the most popular. He’s completed 15 models of that stadium for eager fans. Unfortunately he cannot produce the stadiums as kits and include instructions, so to obtain one, you’ll have to order from Chris directly.

If you’ve got a favorite football stadium in the UK, check out Brickstand to see if it’s on his list.

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