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Full Details of Upcoming UniKitty! Sets

Holy litter-boxes, there's a lot of pictures for UniKitty sets! Today at their big event LEGO unleashed an avalanche of pictures of the UniKitty!...

LEGO UniKitty minisite is now online

LEGO UniKitty! fever is in full force for some people. The minifigure series is available in some stores, sets are being launched and leaked...

41456 – Unikingdom Fairground Fun Revealed

The year of the LEGO Rollercoaster seems to be continuing. We started with Joker's Manor, the Creator Coaster and the much rumored Pirate Coaster...

Is LEGO succumbing to a violent world?

An article published on the site PlosOne provides a researched theory asking "Have LEGO Products Become More Violent?" resulting in quite a few articles commenting on...