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Awesome Modular Ghostbusters Firehouse Rebuild

KoalaYummies, a "Eurobricks Citizen" from the forum has shared a series of pictures of their latest creation. It's a version of the LEGO...

DIY LEGO Ghostbusters – Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Some say that Brent Waller is largely responsible for pushing LEGO into the Ghostbusters theme when his LEGO Ideas project became the first set in that...

Creator Brick Bank and Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ Designer Videos

With the larger LEGO sets the company usually makes a Designer Video available to watch. These videos really help me understand the care and...

DIY Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ (75827) Instructions

The team over at LEGO have been busy uploading all of the building instructions for the new 2016 sets and this one is HUGE....

More Ghostbusters sets on the way?

Paul Feig, director of the upcoming Ghostbusters movie has announced or hinted that more Ghostbusters based sets are coming. The director and producer shared...

LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse

With today's official release of the Ghostbusters Firehouse LEGO is also giving us their Design video like they have with other sets. Watch the...