Get Ready to Bloom: LEGO’s Summer 2024 Botanical Collection Revealed!

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Hey LEGO Botanical fans! The new summer 2024 sets have just been revealed by French retailer Fnac, and they’re blooming fantastic! 🌸

10638 Chrysanthemum

This beauty is all about intricate details with 278 pieces that build into a gorgeous 10cm wide and 26cm tall flower. Priced at €28.95, it’s a stunning addition to your Botanical Collection, complete with a cute little pot and stand. Perfect for those who love a touch of nature indoors.

10369 Plum Blossom

Slightly larger at 327 pieces, the Plum Blossom stands 34cm tall and 17cm wide. It’s a delightful build for €28.95, and it pairs wonderfully with the Chrysanthemum. It features creative use of parts like the Angry Birds crown element, adding a unique flair to your LEGO display.

Possible Third Set?

There’s a buzz about a potential third set – possibly bamboo or another orchid. Fingers crossed we get more green goodness soon!

These sets are set to launch on August 1, so get ready to add some floral elegance to your collection. 🌿

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