LEGO Star Wars: Rebuild the Galaxy Sets Appear On Site

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Hey LEGO fans! The new “Rebuild the Galaxy” sets are beginning to appear on official LEGO retail sites, and they’re seriously cool! Let’s dive into what’s coming. French retailer Fnac once again spilled the beans on these 2 sets.

Dark Falcon (75389)

Imagine the Millennium Falcon but with a dark, sinister twist. The Dark Falcon set has 1,579 pieces and features a mini Death Star laser. The best part? Six unique minifigures, including Beach Luke, Jedi Vader, Bounty Hunter C-3PO, Darth Dev, Darth Jar Jar and Darth Rey, making it a collector’s dream. This set lets you reimagine the classic ship with a darker edge, perfect for creating epic space adventures.

TIE Fighter and X-Wing Mash-up (75393)

Ever wanted to mix a TIE Fighter with an X-Wing? Now you can with this 1,063-piece set. You’ll get to create hybrid ships like the X-Fighter and TIE Wing, inspired by the “Rebuild the Galaxy” animated special. This set is a fun twist on the iconic Star Wars ships, encouraging creativity and customization. New characters are included here, specifically Yesi Scala, Sig Greebling and L3-GO. All three of those names sound familiar.

Release Details

Both sets are launching on August 1. The Dark Falcon will be priced at around €174.95, while the TIE Fighter and X-Wing Mash-up will cost about €104.95. These sets are sure to be a hit, blending classic Star Wars vibes with fresh, imaginative designs.

Why You’ll Love These Sets

  • Exclusive Minifigures: Unique characters you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Creative Builds: Mix and match parts to create your own starships.
  • Detailed Designs: High-quality, detailed pieces that capture the essence of Star Wars.

These new sets are perfect for both long-time collectors and newcomers looking for a creative challenge. Mark your calendars and get ready to rebuild the galaxy!

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