New Creator 3-in-1 Sets Are VERY Different

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LEGO has released listings for 2 of the upcoming Createor 3-in-1 sets and they couldn’t be more different from each other and we are very impressed.

31153 – Modern House
$99.99 – 939 Pieces

The first set, the Modern House looks amazing in 2 of the 3 configurations included. We’re not a fan of the townhouse (3-story city building) version that looks like a tower. However both the main model and the low bungalow (forest cabin) with the stonework look amazing.

“Boys and girls aged 9+ can explore 3 different LEGO® toy houses with this fun-filled Modern House (31153) playset. The luxurious 2-story beach house sits in the shade of 2 palm trees and has a kitchen, living room, reading room, bedroom, shower room, balcony and modern furnishings including an armchair and chandelier. There is also a swimming pool for kids to role-play fun stories.”

31151 – T. rex
$59.99 – 626 Pieces

The T. rex is a great looking build. Something a bit unusual for the 3-in-1 series where it looks like they worked hard at making it a bit more realistic than some animals. The joints feel cleaner and more natural. All 3 of these builds, the T.rex, the pterodactyl and the triceratops all look very solid. Like I’d want 3 copies of this set to buid them all.

“Boys and girls aged 9+ can travel back in time to play out amazing action with this T. rex (31151) dinosaur toy. The Tyrannosaurus rex toy is highly posable, so kids can move its head, feet, tail, jaw, legs, arms, and even toes and heels, into different poses. The T. rex toy also comes with a nest containing 2 small dinosaur egg elements and together they make an impressive display on a shelf or bedside table.”

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