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LEGO Ideas announced 2 or maybe 3 sets for upcoming LEGO Ideas sets today. The “Maybe” is coming from the Disney Pixar’s Luxo Jr Lamp which is apparently still pending some clearances, probably in the House of Mouse somewhere.

The Western River Steamboat could be an amazing set to display depending on what the final version looks like, and I think a lot of people will be interested in the assortment of minifigures promised in the prize machine!

Minifigure Prize Machine

Congrats to fan designer Rob Vangansewinkel, better known as Goosestore, who brought us this ingenious Minifigure Prize Machine. It’s not just a treat for the eyes but a mystery minifigure dispenser that’s a blast to interact with! The review board specifically called out an ingenious use of parts.

For those who love behind-the-scenes insights, Rob’s journey and thoughts are waiting for you in his 10K Club Interview.

In a cool twist, the upcoming LEGO Ideas set featuring this machine will include a variety of fun Minifigures. They’re even adding a couple of new Minifigures based on your votes! Get ready to pick a new color for the classic Spaceman and a new emblem for the Castle faction. Stay tuned for the voting details—they need our creative input!

Western River Steamboat

Big shoutout to Aaron Hall, aka CTDpower, for his Western River Steamboat that captures the authentic essence of a steamboat with meticulous detail. It’s a first for LEGO and reflects Aaron’s deep connection with riverboats and his architectural expertise. If you’ve ever dreamt of cruising down the Mississippi, this set will float your boat!

Dive deeper into Aaron’s story in his 10K Club Interview to learn how his unique experiences influenced this fantastic model.

Disney Pixar’s Luxo Jr Lamp – On Hold

Last but not least, the adorable Disney Pixar’s Luxo Jr Lamp by T0BY1KENOBI25150 has captured everyone’s hearts but needs a bit more review. We’re all eager to see this iconic lamp come to life in LEGO form, and we promise to keep you posted with updates in our next announcement in summer 2024.

Design, Pricing, and Availability

The Ideas Team are still working out the final product design, pricing, and availability for these sets. Be sure to keep reading Brick Brains for more updates coming this summer.

What’s next for LEGO Ideas?

“Our review board is working their way through the next big round of 10K product ideas consisting of 42 submissions. These all hit 10,000 supporters between early September 2023 and early January 2024. We’ll share the results of the Third 2023 LEGO review period in the summer of 2024. Check them all out here.”

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  1. Thank you everyone for all your support. This has been a dream come true and an amazing experience this far. I can’t wait to share the final model with all of you! Aaron


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