Hufflepuff or Gryffindor? LEGO Sorting Hat Reveals Your House

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German LEGO retailer has listed an upcoming LEGO Harry Potter set on it’s site, giving us the first look at the Talking Sorting Hat (76429)

The replica of the classic Sorting Hat from Harry Potter is listed at 561 pieces and priced at €79 on ProShop. The set will also see the return of the “sound brick” – this time capable of saying 31 different phrases. We’re hoping to hear some classic phrases from Harry Potter along with the expected ones telling you which house you belong to.

There’s one minifigure included in the set – Harry Potter himself, wearing a scaled down version of the sorting hat. He can be positioned on stand for the hat that includes 2×2 tiles with the 4 house logos on them.

Sadly – the hat isn’t designed for most people to wear – maybe a small child could perch it on their head if they sat really still (ha!) – but definitely not an adult.

More details will be released shortly either from the Nuremberg Toy Fair or by LEGO directly now that this is out in the wild.

Translated from German:

The Sorting Hat made of LEGO® bricks is full of surprises and perfectly reflects the magic of Hogwarts™ Castle and the Wizarding World! Tap the top of the hat or put it on your head to make him speak. Enjoy the random playback of 31 sound combinations! Will he choose House Gryffindor™, Slytherin™, Hufflepuff™ or Ravenclaw™ for you? The hat is on a stand. And the Harry Potter™ minifigure completes this playful eye-catcher.

2024 Harry Potter Sets (Rumored or Confirmed)

LEGO Set Number & NameRetail PricePart CountRelease Date
76424 Flying Ford AngliaUnknown165March 2024
76425 Hedwig Visiting 4 Privet DriveUnknown337March 2024
76426 Hogwarts House on the WaterUnknown350March 2024
76428 Hagrid’s Hut: An Unexpected VisitUnknown896March 2024
76429 Talking Sorting HatUnknown561March 2024
76430 Hogwarts OwleryUnknown364March 2024
76432 Forbidden Forest: Magical CreaturesUnknown172March 2024
76247 BuckbeakUnknown723June 2024
76431 Hogwarts Castle: Potions ClassUnknown397June 2024
76433 MandrakeUnknown579June 2024
76434 Aragog in the Forbidden ForestUnknown195June 2024
76435 Hogwarts Castle: Great HallUnknown1732June 2024
76439 Ollivander’s and Madame Malkin’s ShopsUnknown744June 2024
76440 Durmstrang ship and carriage of the Beauxbatons Academy of MagicUnknown1229June 2024
76347 NoraUnknown2405September 2024
30677 (Polybag)UnknownUnknownUnknown

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