A Look At The 5 Announced 25th Anniversary LEGO Star Wars Sets Coming In March

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Can you believe it’s been 25 years since LEGO started working with the Star Wars license? Yep, ever since 1999 we’ve had these increasingly awesome LEGO Star Wars sets, and to celebrate that partnership – we get an entire year of new sets! Kind of.

There are, of course new Star Wars sets out already but the 25th Anniversary sets seem to start rolling out officially on March 1. Keep an eye out of the special R2-D2 logo on sets that are part of this line.

Following last year’s Executor Super Star Destroyer (75356) in mid-scale (celebrating 40 years since Star Wars: Return of the Jedi debuted), we get 3 new ships at the same scale this March. The Millennium Falcon, Tantive IV and Invisible Hand all feature display stands with custom plaques for the ship that appear to be printed, along with a printed tile for the 25th Anniversary of LEGO Star Wars.

You can also pick up a special “Boarding the Tantive VI” set to commemorate one of the early scenes in Star Wars: A New Hope and a nicely detailed smaller R2-D2 figure that won’t break the bank.

All sets listed below are available for pre-order now, with shipping beginning on March 1.

75375 – Millennium Falcon ($84.99 for 921 pieces)

The classic Star Wars™ saga continues in your living room with this collectible LEGO® Star Wars Millennium Falcon build-and-display starship model (75375). Channel Jedi-like focus and mindfulness to recreate authentic details of this iconic starship, as seen in Star Wars: A New Hope. Display your creation on a buildable stand that’s designed to show the Millennium Falcon at a dynamic angle, as if in flight. Add the nameplate and a LEGO Star Wars 25th anniversary brick to complete a centerpiece that is sure to inspire nostalgic memories.

This buildable Star Wars vehicle is part of the mid-scale LEGO Star Wars Starship Collection. It makes a fun treat for yourself or a gift for other Star Wars fans and memorabilia collectors.

75376 – Tantive IV ($79.99 for 654 pieces)

Build the excitement you felt when you watched the opening scene of Star Wars: A New Hope all over again with this buildable LEGO® brick model of the Tantive IV starship. Feel the power of your creative force as you capture instantly recognizable details of an iconic starship, first seen being chased by a Star Destroyer. Place your Star Wars™ vehicle on the buildable stand and add the nameplate and a LEGO Star Wars 25th anniversary brick to complete an attention-grabbing centerpiece.

This buildable display model is part of the mid-scale LEGO Star Wars Starship Collection. It makes a fun treat for yourself or a gift for other Star Wars fans and memorabilia collectors.

75377 – Invisible Hand ($49.99 for 557 pieces)

Imagine leading the Separatist fleet into battle like General Grievous in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith with this LEGO® Star Wars™ Starship Collection buildable model of the Invisible Hand. Recreate authentic details including the hangar where Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi landed in their starfighters. Connector bricks and clips even allow the front half of the starship to be separated from the rear, just as it broke in half during its fiery descent into Coruscant’s atmosphere. Display your Star Wars vehicle on the buildable stand with a nameplate and a LEGO Star Wars 25th anniversary brick.

Part of a collectible series of mid-scale LEGO Star Wars starships, this buildable display model makes a top gift for any Star Wars fan or memorabilia collector.

75379 – R2-D2 ($99.99 for 1050 pieces)

Let kids build their affection for the most lovable droid in the Star Wars™ galaxy with this LEGO® brick-built R2-D2 toy figure (75379). This playful buildable display toy model for boys and girls aged 10 and up is packed with authentic features so they can play out classic moments and original fantasy stories. Features include R2-D2’s 360-degree rotating head, an attachable third leg, attachable periscope and attachable tools.

To create an eye-catching display, this collectible toy building set also features an R2-D2 LEGO droid figure, a special LEGO Star Wars 25th anniversary minifigure of Darth Malak with a lightsaber and display stand, plus an R2-D2 information plaque.

75387 – Boarding the Tantive IV ($54.99 for 502 pieces)

Relive Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers boarding the Tantive IV in Star Wars: A New Hope with this buildable toy playset (75387) for kids aged 8 and up. It features a detailed recreation of the corridor inside Tantive IV where Darth Vader’s Stormtroopers battled Captain Antilles’ Rebel Fleet Troopers, with levers to ‘blast’ open the entrance door and topple characters during battle play. Connectors allow builders to add another 75387 set (sold separately) to extend the corridor.

This collectible brick-built fantasy toy playset has 7 LEGO® Star Warsminifigures, including Darth Vader, 2 Stormtroopers, 2 Rebel Fleet Troopers and Captain Antilles with accessories for action play. A top gift for young fans and Star Wars memorabilia collectors, the building set also includes a special LEGO Star Wars 25th anniversary minifigure of ARC Trooper Fives with a display stand.

2024 Star Wars Sets (Rumored or Confirmed)

LEGO Set Number & NameRetail PricePart CountRelease Date
30680 AATUnknown75January 1, 2024
30685 (Polybag)UnknownUnknownMay 2024
40675 Commander Cody$9.99UnknownMay 2024
40675 BrickHeadz (The Phantom Menace)$54.99UnknownMay 2024
40686 GWPUnknown262May 2024
40730 GWPUnknown145October 2024
75372 Clone Trooper & Battle Droid Battle Pack$29.99215January 1, 2024
75373 Ambush on Mandalore Battle Pack$19.99109June 1, 2024
75374 Skeleton Crew Ship$1291325June 1, 2024
75375 Millennium Falcon$79.99921March 1, 2024
75376 Tantive IV$69.99654March 1, 2024
75377 Invisible Hand$52.99557March 1, 2024
75378 BARC Speeder Escape$29.99221May 2024
75379 R2-D2$99.991050March 1, 2024
75380 Boona Eve Podrace Diorama$69.99718May 2024
75381 Droideka$59.99583May 2024
75382 TIE Interceptor$239.991931May 2024
75383 Sith Infiltrator$69.99640May 2024
75384 The Crimson Firehawk$49.99136January 1, 2024
75385 Battle on Peridea$49.99382August 1, 2024
75386 Paz Vizsla and Moff Gideon Battle$39.99289June 1, 2024
75387 Boarding the Tantive IV$54.99502March 1, 2024
75388 Jedi Bob’s Starfighter$39.99310August 1, 2024
75389 Dark Millennium Falcon$169.991578August 1, 2024
75390 Luke Skywalker X-Wing Mech$15.99195June 1, 2024
75391 Captain Rex Y-wing Microfighter$12.9999June 1, 2024
75392 Unknown Creature Build$99.991186August 1, 2024
75393 X-wing and TIE Fighter$109.991058August 1, 2024
75394 Death Star PlaysetUnknown1555August 1, 2024
75395 Star Wars Advent Calendar$44.99368September 1, 2024
75396 Escape from the Sarlacc$89.99558August 1, 2024
75397 Jabba’s BargeUnknown3942October 2024
75398 Buildable C-3PO$149.991132August 1, 2024

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