LEGO Fortnite Gameplay Trailer Arrives – By The Hundreds

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Above is the official LEGO Fortnite Gameplay Trailer but as you can imagine hundreds of games have already Twitched and streamed it like crazy. A quick search on YouTube will reveal them all. Have you played it yet? Will you be playing? Or will you wait for the LEGO sets that seem destined to come along next year?

LEGO Fortnite is available now.

Unlock a special LEGO Fortnite Style when you link your Epic Games and LEGO accounts

Explore vast, open worlds where the magic of LEGO building and Fortnite collide. Collect food and resources, craft items, build shelter and battle enemies solo or team up with up to seven friends.

Get creative in building and customizing your ultimate home base using LEGO elements collected from the world around you, then recruit villagers to gather materials and help survive the night. Gear up and drop into deep caves in search of rare resources and hidden areas.

Find the ultimate survival crafting LEGO adventure in Fortnite! The journey is only just beginning with new world building, gameplay features, and more LEGO Styles arriving in updates starting early 2024.

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