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Dive into LEGO’s Smoothie Odyssey and More in Fortnite!

The LEGO Group has launched 'LEGO® Smoothie Odyssey,' a new space-themed adventure in Fortnite. This exciting addition, along with 'LEGO® Wing Walkers,' expands the LEGO Islands series, offering thrilling new experiences for players of all ages. Explore intergalactic frontiers, create cosmic smoothies, and enjoy fresh updates to 'LEGO® Obby Fun' and 'LEGO® Prop Hunt.' Dive into these dynamic adventures and discover the endless fun of LEGO in Fortnite!

LEGO Fortnite Gameplay Trailer Arrives – By The Hundreds

Above is the official LEGO Fortnite Gameplay Trailer but as you can imagine hundreds of games have already Twitched and streamed it like crazy....

LEGO Fortnite is Here! Discover Why It’s More Than Just a...

Hey there, LEGO and Fortnite fans! 🎉 I've got some super exciting news for you that's sure to get your creative juices flowing and...