LEGO Fans Rejoice: New Monkie Kid Set for 2024 Revealed

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Hey LEGO lovers! Big news coming your way straight from the China International Import Expo in Shanghai – it’s like Christmas came early for us brick fans! The LEGO® team has dropped some super cool new sets, and guess what? You can already sneak a peek at the images over on Trust me, you’re going to want to check these out.

Alongside the awesome new Lunar New Year sets that are sure to dazzle, there’s a standout special LEGO Monkie Kid set that’s stealing the show. Get ready for this… the Megapolis City 5th Anniversary set is a whopping 2330 pieces of pure LEGO joy. This set is a serious nod to the Monkie Kid’s legacy with its grand scale and intricate designs that are a builder’s dream come true.

The details in this set are off the charts – we’re talking about some seriously slick building techniques that’ll have you admiring your handiwork for hours. And the cherry on top? It comes with a lineup of 17 characters pulled from the exciting world of LEGO Monkie Kid tales. Whether you’re here for the build or the stories, this set’s got you covered.

It’s absolutely fantastic to see the LEGO Monkie Kid theme going strong into 2024. Looks like our building adventures are set to continue with some epic storytelling and even more epic sets. So gear up, get your building space ready, and let’s dive into a new chapter of LEGO Monkie Kid adventures together! 🌆🐒🎉

Official LEGO Description:

Encourage kids 10 years old and up to discover creative world-building with this detail-packed LEGO® Monkie KidMegapolis City 5th Anniversary (80054) build-a-city set. The expandable toy has 2,330 pieces and includes a Ferris wheel, working elevator and lots of accessories. Kids get an impressive line-up of characters, including hero and villain minifigures, to spark unlimited role play and storytelling. Kids can enjoy an easy, intuitive building adventure with the LEGO Builder app. They can zoom in and rotate models in 3D, save sets and track progress. Plus, this action toy can be combined into one big build with 80036 and 80044 (each sold separately) to expand the play. It’s a unique adventure gift for kids, boys and girls who are into large building sets or customizable toys. Inspired by the classic Journey to the West novel, LEGO Monkie Kid construction toys are a way for adults to share the Monkey King legend with children in a modern, playful way.

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