Animal Crossing Comes To LEGO – Finally

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It’s been rumored and talked about and suspected for months and today LEGO has officially announced Fabuland 2.0. – errr, no – Animal Crossing! It’s a pretty soft announcement consisting basically of this video of the characters waving at a balloon that was released. Although some of them look… Less than pleased.

We don’t play Animal Crossing here (no kids) but the characters pictured in the video are: Rosie, Bunnie, Marshall, Kappa, Fauna, Julian, Isabelle, and Tom Nook according to those in the know. Despite the heads being IP of Nintendo, I’m hoping we get some of those printed torsos showing up in other sets, LUGBulk or on the BAM section of our LEGO Stores.

The Animal Crossing line looks like it’ll feature 5 sets in 2024, at least to start. The set numbers leaked previously but no additional information is available yet.


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