Late October GWPs Appear From Thailand

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Hey there! So, a really cool LEGO store in Thailand (Siam Paragon) just spilled the beans on some awesome upcoming promotions happening in late October. They’re gonna have this super cool LEGO Creator Scary Pirate Island (40597) and also the LEGO Disney 100 Mini Steamboat Willie (40659). The Pirate Island promo will run from October 13th to 22nd, and you’ll be able to snag it with any purchase. The Steamboat Willie promo, on the other hand, will run from October 23rd to 31st, but you’ll need to make a Disney, Star Wars, or Marvel purchase for that one. Keep in mind that the details might change for other countries, but you can definitely look forward to these exciting promos coming your way soon!

For conversion purposes, 3500 THB (Thai Bhat) converts to about $95 USD and 5000 THB is $135 USD. Those numbers are today’s conversion rates and may be different once the promotion goes live in the US.

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