What’s New For LEGO Coming In October 2023?

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October’s release list is not as big as September (saving our wallets a bit maybe?) but there’s still several amazing new sets coming out. Some big (Venator anyone?), and some small (Agrabah?)

If you buy direct from LEGO.com or a LEGO Brand Retail store, you expect some kind of exclusive sets right? Bonus parts etc? We’re sure some will be available but nothing has really been firmly announced. We showcased the LEGO Halloween Fun VIP Add-On Pack the other day, but no release date as been announced. I have it on good authority it’ll be early in the month so we should have details soon.

Ok – so let’s go theme by theme and see what’s coming.


4 new sets from the house of Mouse. 3 of them from the upcoming movie Wish and the small set we mentioned before.

Mini Disney Palace of Agrabah (40613) – $39.99

Asha in the City of Rosas (43223) – $19.99

King Magnifico’s Castle (43224) – $99.99

Asha’s Cottage (43231) – $49.99


Just 1 set in the Icons line this month, and it’s the Alpine Lodge, this years entry into the Winter Village lineup.

Alpine Lodge (10325) – $99.99


Join the Vikings this October and get ready for a Nordic Adventure!

Viking Village (21343) – $129.99


Coming November 10, 2023, The Marvels follows Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau on a new adventure to save the Earth.

The Hoopty (76232) – $89.99

Seasonal Sets

This years holiday season sets look interesting, especially the DIY gingerbread ornaments.

LEGO Nutcracker (40640) – $12.99

Gingerbread Ornaments (40642) – $12.99

Star Wars

The Holiday Diorama has taken some heat online over lightsaber colors and roasted porg, but we can skip all that stuffing and jump right over to the feast that is the Venator!

Millennium Falcon Holiday Diorama (40658) – $29.99

UCS Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser (75367) – $649.99

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