LEGO & Artists Create R&B – ‘Rhythm & Bricks’

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In an exciting venture to expand its fan base, the LEGO Group proudly presents the LEGO Rhythm & Bricks playlist, a groundbreaking collaboration with renowned musicians. This revolutionary blend of captivating melodies and the signature sounds of LEGO bricks takes the LEGO experience to unprecedented heights. Immerse yourself in the harmonious tapestry of lo-fi tunes, carefully curated to enhance your LEGO building sessions. This is just the beginning of the LEGO Group’s exploration into the harmonious realm of music and play. Join the journey by exploring the exceptional Rhythm & Bricks playlist below and indulge in the rhythmic synergy of LEGO and music.

Billund – September 28th, 2023: The sounds of LEGO bricks have been adapted into a new genre of lo-fi music by globally acclaimed songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tom Misch, Danish electronic trio WhoMadeWho, and other artists, called rhythm and bricks.

Rhythm and bricks features the iconic sounds of LEGO bricks added with instrumentation and artistry to curate the ultimate soundtrack to help adults destress and find their flow.

The release of the new genre comes as a response to Play Well research from the LEGO Group, which found 1 in 3 adults worldwide feel stressed weekly (34%), with 98% of adults all agreeing music is an important way for them to relax.

As part of the experimental music, Misch has created an original track infused with flowing jazz guitars and beats, using recognisable LEGO sounds, to headline a new rhythm and bricks album, available on Spotify, featuring music from Misch, WhoMadeWho and more.

As well as the soundtrack available via Spotify, Misch’s track has also been featured in a music video within the LEGO Group’s new ‘Find Your Flow’ campaign which aims to reach adults who need to unwind.

Rhythm & Bricks on Spotify featuring Misch and WhoMadeWho, can be found here.

**View the ‘Find Your Flow’ music video, featuring Misch’s track here:

A further collaboration with YouTube sensation LOFI Girl, for an hour long Rhythm & Bricks takeover of their channel on 19th September, will see the LEGO Group bring the genre to a popular new audience in the Lo-Fi music space, helping adults Find their Flow with a LEGO brick take on the social media hit.

58% of adults in the research also said finding new ways to relax has become more important in their life in the past three years, whilst 8 in 10 (78%) believe that doing something creative or manual feels more fulfilling as opposed to doing something passive (e.g. watching TV).

“Finding ways to relax and unwind plays a big part in helping me to think creatively and keep my mind calm and focused,” said Tom Misch. “I took the challenge of incorporating LEGO Brick sounds as a point of inspiration to start composing the music. From there I created the drums and built guitar and vocal layers to finish the song. Hopefully it creates a nice soundtrack that relaxes builders who might feel stressed or anxious!”

“The Find Your Flow campaign is all about helping adults discover the relaxing, creative benefits of manual hobbies, such as building with LEGO bricks,” said Genevieve Capa Cruz, Head of Adults Products at the LEGO Group. “The Rhythm & Bricks music created by Tom and other amazing artists perfectly captures this way of thinking and immersing yourselves in a rewarding task, and hope it inspires adults to find that time to switch off, whatever their passions and interests may be.”

According to the recent Play Well research, LEGO building brings a whole host of benefits for adults:

  • It helps adults relax and be calm (88%), switch off from chores and work (86%) and be creative (90%).
  • Many adults research ways to relax (80%) and recognize that doing something creative or manual feels more fulfilling (78%).
  • 86% of adults say play helps them relax and unwind.
  • 85% say play offers them a break from everyday life, chores and worries.
  • 92% of adults feel that activities related to their hobbies & interests help them relax.

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