The Iconic Mario Enemy Now in LEGO Form – Must See

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The LEGO Super Mario Universe Just Got a Little More Exciting!

Guess what, LEGO and Super Mario fans? There’s a new kid on the block, and it’s none other than the iconic Piranha Plant! That’s right, the LEGO Group, in collaboration with Nintendo, has just unveiled a brick-built Piranha Plant. And it’s not just any Piranha Plant—it’s a part of the LEGO Super Mario theme specifically designed for adults. How cool is that?

This isn’t just a static model, either. Made up of over 500 pieces, this Piranha Plant is super detailed and posable. From its head to its leaves, you can move and pose it in various ways. Imagine having it on your desk and adjusting its pose every day. And the best part? As you build it, it feels like the Piranha Plant is growing right out of its pipe, just like in the video games!

Carl Merriam, the Senior Designer behind this masterpiece, shared his excitement about the design process. He mentioned how crucial it was to capture the distinctive features of the Piranha Plant. And boy, did they nail it! From its menacing mouth to its iconic leaves and stalk, it’s a perfect representation.

Thinking of a gift for a Nintendo fan? Or maybe a little treat for yourself? This LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant is not just a toy—it’s an impressive centerpiece, perfect for any home or office. And for those who grew up with Mario, this line of LEGO sets is sure to bring back some sweet memories.

Mark your calendars, folks! The LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant will hit the shelves on November 6, 2023. You can grab yours on November 6 from LEGO stores, their official website, and select retailers worldwide.

For the curious ones, here are some quick details:

  • Name: LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant
  • Age: 18+
  • Price: $59.99 / €64.99 / £57.99
  • Pieces: 540
  • Dimensions: 23cm high x 11cm wide x 17cm deep
  • Available: November 6, 2023

So, are you ready to add this iconic plant to your LEGO collection?

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