Hurry – Winter Village Expansion Due To Retire!

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The release of this years Winter Village, the Alpine Lodge (10325), featured reminders of how well it sits with other Winter Village sets, but if you don’t have them yet, time is running out!

10325 Lifestyle 16 edited

As seen above to either side of the Alpine Lodge we have both Santa’s Visit (10293) and the Holiday Main Street (10308) sets to the left and right respectively. They make a great combo to display whether you’re building a winter village with custom streets & bases or just displaying the 3 sets as a small diorama, like above.

The potential rush is that Santa’s Visit is due to retire after December of this year. Mean that you only have 3 months to add it to your winter village collection. Buying from LEGO direct means you get LEGO Insider points on your purchase, but sometimes you might find a deal on or be able to purchase it after it retires.

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