Bricks on Display: a collection of interlocking building bricks

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Over on, Carlos José Baragaño Móner has written a tremendous article called “Bricks on Display: a collection of interlocking building bricks” which is an incredible review of the wide variety of interlocking building bricks over the years. He focuses on bricks outside of LEGO after the first couple of entries.

After completing the task of collecting the sets, I became curious about the origins of each of them, which led me to a worldwide search with the help of museums, libraries, historians and even town halls, which allowed me to find the original patents for each of them.

He’s collected examples from around the world and across the history of these types of bricks and done a lot of research into their history, development and patents for the various bricks.

I strongly encourage anyone who’s interested in this evolution of the toy to read the article, and the comments over on BrickSet.

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