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BRICKCRAFT Official Offers Brick-Building For Adults 18+ With
Edgy, Iconic, Pop Culture-Inspired Products

NEW YORK, July 21, 2022BRICKCRAFT Official today announced they have launched their first set of licensed, brick-building products with none other than the legendary, beloved musical pioneer, Bob Marley. The Bob Marley set is the first of many limited-time, licensed, brick-building kits to come.

Brick-building has always been a favorite pastime, but it exploded in popularity during the pandemic – especially among AFOBs (Adult Fans of Brick-building) – and only continues to grow. Not only does BRICKCRAFT Official offer hours of relaxation, but they do so with creativity, imagination, and craftsmanship, while specifically made for adults 18+.

  • Quality Components: BRICKCRAFT Official provides quality craftsmanship with components that are meant to last … and last and last!
  • Stress-buster: With more than 2,000 pieces, BRICKCRAFT Official provides an opportunity to unwind and destress, which is very much needed among many of us.
  • Display your Creation: After you finish building your set, you can hang or present it as art, as that’s exactly what the finished sets look like.

“BRICKCRAFT Official was created for the mega-fan base of brick-building adults who seek edgier, diverse, pop culture alternatives, and we felt that our inaugural product had to be with none other than the icon, Bob Marley,” said Elliott Azrak, Founder of BRICKCRAFT Official. “His messages of love and unity are perfect — it was needed back then, and we definitely need that now. We are so excited to bring Bob Marley to both the casual brick-builder, as well as the fanatics out there.”  

In collaboration with the Bob Marley Family, BRICKCRAFT Official introduces two beautiful tributes to the father of Reggae – one portrait with Bob Marley’s famous smile and the other iconic one with him smoking his cannabis blunt.

“We were happy to collaborate with BRICKCRAFT Official on their premier product launch,” said Cedella Marley, CEO of Bob Marley Group of Companies. “We know that my father has fans all over the world, and we hope this brings them even more joy.”

Bob Marley Kit – Two Design Options (One with Smile, One with Blunt):

  • 10” x 15” upon completion
  • Brick-building kit contains 2,025 pieces, nine base plates, one signature tile, a color indicator, brick remover, and a brick-crafted frame
  • Detailed and concise instructions (Also download-able on their website)
  • Two hanging points, making it easy to showcase your Bob Marley artwork on a shelf or wall

The Bob Marley set retails for $99.99 and is for adults, 18+. BRICKCRAFT Official products extend to wall art and decor, meaning, the experience of brick-building results in a centerpiece, discussion starter, and focal point of the room.

You can find BRICKCRAFT Official on their website, Instagram, and for purchase at and Amazon.

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