New Botanical Set Coming – Bird of Paradise

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LEGO seems to know a good thing when it finds it, and given the popularity of the Bonsai Tree, tulips, the bouquet and roses they seem to be expanding the line with a beautiful Bird of Paradise in a tidy pot.

The Bird of Paradise model features some panels in the gorgeous deep “Earth Green” color. It’s got some great parts and techniques to keep a builder busy for a bit. It’s the perfect piece to set on a desk or shelf at home and requires almost no maintenance (just dusting).

The set is 1,173 pieces and will premier June 1 in Europe and the rest of the world but is held back, like the Taj Mahal, until August 1 in North America. The retail prices are set at: US $99.99, CAN $139.99 and UK £89.99.

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