More Small Sets for 2021 Revealed

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Huw and the crew over at have been busy combing through the 2021 sets semi-leaked in the LEGO Certification documentation. This documentation is the LEGO’s certification needed to distribute it’s toys in various jurisdictions around the world. Pretty dry stuff overall, but invaluable for some images (albeit blurry) of yet to be released sets. If you’re curious, here’s an example document for the Tuk Tuk.

It’s possible LEGO will issue takedown notices to sites using these as they may be embargoed, but since the source is LEGO itself, who knows.

The Pets segment of BrickHeadz is new. It’ll be interesting to see what other animal pairs they do. Combined with the Creator German Shephard (30578), that makes 2 of the breed this year.

Notable is the ongoing tradition of the “Year of the” series where LEGO honors the Chinese New Year with a build for the animal of the year. This year is Year of The Ox but the ox looks a little confused, in my opinion.

For me the standout is the Panda pair. But I have a serious bias toward pandas.

LEGO Seasonal Year of the Ox – 40417

LEGO Pets BrickHeadz German Shephard – 40440

LEGO Pets BrickHeadz Short Hair Cats – 40441

LEGO Ideas Vintage Car – 40448

LEGO Roses – 40460

LEGO Tulips – 40461

LEGO Seasonal Valentine’s Bear – 40462

LEGO BrickHeadz Chinese New Year Pandas – 40466

LEGO Creator Yellow Taxi – 40468

LEGO Creator Tuk Tuk – 40469

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