LEGO xtra Polybag Details

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When we posted the other day we had no details about the 2 LEGO xtra polybags due out in 2021 but now thanks to we have those details.

First up is 40464 – Chinatown which conjures more images of Jack Nicholson than LEGO, but … The 35 piece set looks like a nice selection of pieces if you’re building, well LEGO Chinatown, or expanding on one of the Chinese New Year sets from this year or past years. The parts of course have use beyond this theme. The tea set would look great anywhere and those fence pieces are quite nice.

Next is 40465 – Food. Yep, Food that’s what they called it. I’ve never eaten a plate, goblet or over, but hey, why not. You get some nice cookware and serving dishes, along with Food. Some nice watermelon tiles, a variety of fruit and condiments. Pretzels, hot dogs and baguettes are also included in case you need to add to your COVID weight gains.

These 2 sets join the existing LEGO xtra bags which offer generally pretty good value for the $3.99 USD price point. The current lineup includes:

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