Classic 80s LEGO

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LEGO Builder H.Y. Leung sports a snazzy LEGO alien as their Flickr avatar and I think it’s great. And their builds are pretty awesome too! They a whole album dedicated to replicating classic 80’s items in LEGO form.

H.Y. Leung’s Flickr is full of great builds and impressive techniques, with a real emphasis on studless design, meaning few if any LEGO studs show, a very tricky approach to building sometimes.

One of H.Y. Leungs more recent builds, in keeping with the retro theme, is a classic Super Mario inspired scene featuring the high jumping plumber. This is a HUGE MOC span a 64×64 stud base and featuring a moving Mario feature!

3D Lego Super Mario moving sculpture, tube measure 64×64 stud with 18 pneumatic cylinder and scissor lift mechanic inside

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