60229 Rocket Transport Photos Revealed

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Following the release of images last week of the upcoming LEGO City Mars Explorer theme, today we have photos of 1 more set in the series, which I think looks pretty fun!

The text below is translated from the Ukrainian site PlayZone where the listing is still active, but the photos seem to have been removed. Thanks to PromoBricks for picking this up.

Designer Lego 60229 The site for the assembly and transport for the transport of the rocket is the largest set of City Spaceport.

  • Includes 7 LEGO City minifigures: 2 astronauts, 2 ground crew equipment, a launch director, a scientist and a laboratory technician, as well as a robot figure.
  • This set has a large multi-stage rocket with a cockpit opening and a Mars rover payload module, a large rocket-tracked tractor with a cabin opening, a rover: articulated arm and platform, as well as a rover with a retractable lever and a drill bit.
  • It also includes a rocket building with a crane, a rover’s laboratory with a door opening, a platform lifting tool and a rotating arm, a launch control room with a rotating satellite antenna, a computer and a rotating screen, and a ground structure and a lamppost.
  • Auxiliary items: shovel, laboratory tools, laptop, walkie-talkie and mug.
  • Mobile launch pad and rocket holder on tracks can be pushed to the desired position to launch a rocket.
  • Rocket size: 8x43x13 cm.
  • Tracked transporter: 12x29x15 cm.
  • Truck: 8x17x6 cm.
  • Mars rover: 3x5x3 cm.
  • Building frame assembly: 21x28x12 cm.
  • Rover Lab: 12x18x19 cm.
  • Dispatch tower: 12x15x6 cm.

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