Ideas 2017 Second Round Results … Kind of

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This morning was a day that at least 6 people were really looking forward to as LEGO Ideas was set to release the results of the Second Round of 2017. Unfortunately none of the 6 projects that reached the team review are going to be produced.

While I’m sure the builders of these sets are all very disappointed, personally I’m not surprised. The sets are all great, don’t get me wrong here, but let’s go through them a bit and I’ll tell you my thoughts on why they might not have made it. Remember, this is just my opinion.

Gilmour Girls – Past its prime in many ways. The revival didn’t go well last year, and the show has a limited target that doesn’t align with LEGO’s primary demographic.

The Wonders of Peru – While the set is quite attractive and has an educational value, I don’t think it would resonate with a large enough demographic.

NF-15B Research Aircraft – I thought this might have a chance, with LEGO’s commitment to STEM projects, but in the end it wouldn’t really be hugely appealing to kids as a set they want to play with. Granted Women of NASA wasn’t exactly a play set…

I Am Your Father – Limited playability, existing license, products in the pipeline and stores etc… This is why the new rules say no Ideas proposals based on existing licenses.

NASA Space Shuttle (Saturn V Scale) – Cost, size and similarity to the current Saturn V. I know Saturn V continues to sell well, but the shuttle would be massive and even more expensive.

NASA Saturn V Launch Umbilical Tower – The only market for this is people who bought (or would buy) the Saturn V and have room for it! So you’re really getting a subset of a subset, which doesn’t make sense. Personally, I bought the Saturn V but have to display it in 3 stages because I don’t have room for the full height rocket!


What’s next?

During the video, LEGO did review that one of the 7 sets in the next round is already chosen to be produced, so we won’t lose out entirely. Those 7 sets are shown below. Which are you hoping gets produced?


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