CMF Series 18 Official Images Have Leaked

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Expected to release to stores in April, today we get a sneak peak at Collectible MiniFigure Series 18 celebrating 40 years of minifigures!

The lineup is almost all “costumed” figures which fans seem to love, and those that are not in costumes have some great accessory pieces which make them desirable.

Given that there are 17 figures to fit into a box that holds 60 (normally), the distribution will definitely be uneven making a couple of them much more difficult to find.

The figures, by name, are:

  • Orange Balloon Fan Boy
  • Birthday Cake Guy
  • Purple Balloon Balloon Fan Girl
  • Balloon Artist
  • Red Brick Guy
  • Blue Brick Girl
  • Fireworks Guy
  • Race Car Guy
  • Spider Suit Guy
  • Dragon Suit Guy
  • Classic Police Officer
  • Flower Pot Girl
  • Elephant Suit Girl
  • Cowboy Guy
  • Cat Suit Minifigure
  • Cactus Suit Girl
  • Unicorn Knight

Let me know what you think of the series in the comments.


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