Photos from 2018 LEGO CREATOR sets


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LEGO has released our first set of photos for the 2018 LEGO CREATOR line – at least the first 5 sets for it. There’s a few interesting ones in this wave so let’s take a first look.

Drone Explorer (31071) – 109 Pieces

This manned-drone ships without a minifigure, which seems a bit odd. It can also be built into a small twin-prop plane or a swamp-buggy.

Extreme Engines (31072) – 109 Pieces

The main model is a race car, but smaller car (go-cart maybe?) and a hovercraft racer can also be built.

Outback Adventures (31075) – 225 Pieces

Welcome to Aus, mate. This outdoor adventure set features an off-road vehicle with tow-cable and a brick-built dog. It can also be converted to a helicopter and a small river-side campsite.

Daredevil Stunt Plane (31076) – 200 Pieces

This very American centered stunt plane can also become a smaller jet and a high-powered hovercraft racer.

Modular Skate House (31081) – 422 Pieces

This is probably my favorite set, but I’m a sucker for city/town sets. This skate house is so much more, featuring a climbing wall and basketball hoop, along with the half-pipe. The alternate modules don’t stray far from the theme, giving you an arcade room or a skate park.

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