First wave of 2018 LEGO TECHNIC set photos

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Recently the LEGO Group released some photos of 5 of the 2018 TECHNIC sets, and if you’re a fan of the TECHNIC lineup, you’ll likely have mixed feelings.

I’m not a TECHNIC guy, but the Dozer and the Racing Yacht look interesting. WHACK! and BASH! are terrible names, and with their pull-back motors, LEGO seems to be enticing people to crash their cars into each other… Possibly so you break something and have to buy another one. But maybe it’s just fun and won’t break.

Dozer Compactor (42071) – 171 Pieces

WHACK! (42072) – 135 Pieces

BASH! (42073) – 139 Pieces

Racing Yacht (42074) – 330 Pieces

Hook Loader (42084) – 176 Pieces

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