Pictures of 7 LEGO City 2018 sets unveiled

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Dirt Road Pursuit (60172) – 297 Pieces

This is a fun little playable set featuring a triggerable boulder to block the road and a net to capture the bad guys – or the good guys, depending on your perspective.

Mountain Arrest (60173) – 303 Pieces

Another set I really like, partly for the risque approach to the bathing man, but for playability including the net launcher on the helicopter. Also the bear.

Ambulance Helicopter (60179) – 190 Pieces

A pretty standard LEGO helicopter in new colors.

Monster Truck (60180) – 192 Pieces

Not a bad little set… for those wheels!

Forest Tractor (60181) – 174 Pieces

Loving the tractor and claws on this one. It’s a small simple set but with some great details. And those wheels again!

Heavy Cargo Transport (60183) – 310 Pieces

There’s a few nice details on this set, and an abundance of the same types of wheels for anyone into cars.

Pickup and Caravan (60182) – 344 Pieces

This set seems like a direct follow up to last years caravan set, with a different type of truck and a bigger caravan/camper for the family. There’s been some talk online about the family being the same one as was featured in LEGO City Fun in the Park (60134), which isn’t impossible, but the kid grew up a lot in the last year. Either way, this seems like a neat set to add to the city/country. Maybe they could just park the caravan in their driveway and annoy the neighbors.

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