60 years of the LEGO Brick set FREE in January

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The January LEGO Brand Retail store calendar is making it’s rounds online, and one of the highlights is the 60 years of the LEGO Brick set. It will be given away free with a purchase of $125 US or more, while supplies last.

The set contains micro versions of the some classic sets from the 1970s and 1980s when LEGO seemed to turn a corner in terms of design.

Each of the 4 sets comes from a classic theme. 6399 Airport Shuttle (Town), 375 Castle (Castle), 6285 Black Seas Barracuda (Pirates) and 928 Space Cruiser and Moonbase (Space). The set looks pretty good and I’ll post a higher quality photo once the calendar becomes available, probably on Friday.

The only one of these sets I didn’t own as a child was the Black Seas Barracuda. Just never got into the pirates theme, but the others were awesome!

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