LEGO Releasing Augmented Reality App to interact with sets

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Coming soon, you can have a dragon set your LEGO city on fire! Or choose from other awesome interactive features in the new LEGO AR-Studio app, coming soon.

The app will use the iPhone’s ARKit and iOS 11 (only, sorry) to power mind blowing augmented reality experiences based around 6 sets in the beginning. The app will not only let you direct a fire-breathing dragon to destroy your town, but control a train and use a fire trucks hose (to put out the fires?)

The app will also allow you to record a video clip of everything that happens on screen, so you can play it back later.

As much as the app is a “virtual world”, you will need some real LEGO sets to begin using it.

The following sets will work with the app at the beginning, but more are likely to be added:

Here’s the full press release:

The LEGO Group is providing children across the world the opportunity to play using a free augmented reality app, that allows users to explore their creativity by mixing virtual and physical LEGO® play together, in a brand new and unique way.

Coming out of the LEGO Group’s department that explores the future of play – Creative Play Lab, LEGO AR-Studio™ is a creative tool that allows children to play with digital versions of some of the most popular LEGO® sets*, in real-world scenes using augmented reality that mixes them with physical LEGO® models.

Tom Donaldson, VP, Creative Play Lab at the LEGO Group said:
“We believe the best way to predict the future of play is to invent it. LEGO AR-Studio™ pioneers new possibilities for imaginative play where children can enjoy both physical interaction and digital engagement at the same time. This is one of many ways we innovate to combine physical and digital LEGO play into a fun and creative experience for children.”

In the app, children and LEGO fans can explore and control virtually enhanced animated versions of LEGO® models in real-world environments, making and playing out their own unique stories and adventures. The app also allows users to record the action and save video clips directly to their smart device.

“The play experience in LEGO AR-Studio™ is open-ended, leaving children’s imagination and creativity to shape up the play universe. It allows children to play in engaging ways, while having ‘one hand in each world’ – playing and building with the physical LEGO models, while holding on to their device and bring sets to life,” says Tom Donaldson.

LEGO AR-Studio™ brings LEGO® sets to life with fun animations and audiovisual effects when they are placed together. Special play features include a dragon breathing fire, trains sounding a horn or a LEGO® firetruck using a fire-hose – all of which can be activated while playing. Virtual Golden Bricks are also hidden around in the LEGO AR environment, for children to search and collect while playing.

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