Did an Italian LEGO store leak the new Falcon?

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UPDATE: The Millennium Falcon has been officially announced by The LEGO Group.

There are photos abundant on the internet this morning (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit) of what is reported to be the October LEGO Brand Store calendar from Italy featuring a full image of the UCS Millennium Falcon!

People are going crazy over this “proof” of the set. The picture is good quality and does look like it could be real. The box size & shape match the one LEGO shared yesterday (without the wheels or outer brown box) which helps.

The downside of the image is that it doesn’t suggest anything about multiple dishes (rectangular or round), apparently features the old canopy on the cockpit, and only shows 4 minifigures being included. These issues suggest either we’re not getting exactly what the rumors imply, or the image isn’t accurate.

We’ll have to wait until Friday to find out. Force Friday is when the official set is supposed to be revealed.

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    • Sorry Matt. Because of LEGO’s restrictions on leaks, I can’t and won’t link to it. They may also have had it taken down from Reddit and Facebook where it was posted. You could check the Reddit sub called “legoleaks”, that’s one place it was appearing earlier.


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