Another “Big” Star Wars set on the way?

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We’re fairly certain that LEGO will be announcing a brand new Millennium Falcon in the coming weeks but suddenly, there’s hope for something unexpected.

On the Brickset database, Hans Burkhard Schlömer made the following comment:

Make sure you are not missing out on sets that have already been made, as the first wave of Rogue One is going to retire with the end of 2017 – including my TIE Striker and Krennic’s shuttle, to be replaced by SOMETHING BIG and SOMETHING EVEN MUCH, MUCH BIGGER ?

So, first get out there and buy the TIE Striker (75154) and Krennic’s Shuttle (75156) if you haven’t yet (And you care about them).

But more importantly, what do you think this second set will be? Let’s assume that “Something even much, much bigger” is the Falcon, as most sites have done. The “Something Big” could be anything really.

A new Star Destroyer? Maybe.

But it’s likely something unexpected from The Last Jedi that we can’t begin to guess yet. We’re hoping the announcement coincides with Force Friday but it may not. If it’s that big, it might be spoiler-related for The Last Jedi and they’ll hold it close until we’re nearer the movie release.

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