UPDATED 5/2: Justice League LEGO Set Info – Spoilers inside!


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Just a heads up, as has happened many times, the information about upcoming LEGO sets may contain spoilers, this time for the Justice League movie.

UPDATE May 2: Major set details down the bottom.



Allen, from The Brick Fan, has received credible detailed information on 3 LEGO sets coming out for the Justice League movie.

Battle of Atlantis (76085) $19.99 / €24.99

Contains 4 minifigures – Aquaman, parademon, and 2 Atlantean Guards. This set is apparently built around underwater ruins of Atlantis.

Knightcrawler Tunnel Attack (76086) $49.99 / €49.99

Once again, 4 minifiguresBatman, The Flash and 2 parademons. Some kind of black crawler/spider piloted by Batman.

Flying Fox: Batman Airlift Attack (76087) $129.99 / €119.99

Contains minifigures for Steppenwolf, Batman, Superman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman and 2 parademons. Allen is confirming that this set includes a new Batmobile and brick-built Steppenwolf. This larger set apparently includes a flying transport containing the Batmobile

As you can see, you’ll have a small army of parademons if you buy all 3 sets, but you’ll have to buy all 3 sets if you want the entire Justice League, including a spare Batman. Smart move LEGO and DC.


So the set photos from a catalog have leaked online. Out of respect for the LEGO brand, I won’t be posting them here yet, but I did have a good look, so I’ll give you some details.

76087 – Steppenwolf is a brick-built figure primarily in black and grey with red highlights, but not quite as detailed as the Giant Man figure. The Flying Fox looks like a flying tank or helicarrier, but of course smaller. It does however include what looks like a 6-stud wide body Batmobile, plus it’s huge outer wheels bringing it to possibly 10 studs. The Flying Fox itself looks like it could be 16 studs across plus wings!

76086 – The Flash figure included has a “Power Blast” feature to fire a stud. No idea if this ties into the movie. In the CW show, the Flash can throw lightning bolts when moving quickly.

76085 – Aquaman features the “Power Blast” this time around, which makes sense. The set looks pretty simple. About 4 columns with Atlantean writing on them (could be printed or the dreaded stickers), 2 joined by a header. There also seems to be some kind of small submersible as well.

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