Flickr Friday: UiL Café by Brandon wyc

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This amazingly detailed MOC was created by Brandon wyc and featured in his Flickr feed last December. It took us a while to discover the brilliance of it.

Overall, the MOC is amazing and has a “Starbucks” feel to it, but in a more sophisticated way. Brandon’s description of the scene he modeled is “Mingle with the Night” which seems in line with the feel. His description of the café’s hours is 5pm to 10am, which is an interesting concept for a business in a large city.

It is the most happening place catering people especially the night owls and evening people who tend to stay up until late at night. Besides that, we also welcome those who are looking for a friends’ chit-chat session after working hours, family dinner, friends gathering activities such as a surprise birthday party at 12am or someone who just want to have a cup of coffee alone with a peaceful mind and enjoy themselves on a sleepless night. Our café also cater those early birds who wake up early too. Come and enjoy a cup of coffee or have your early breakfast with us before starting a brand new day.

Brandon’s attention to detail is great. From the exterior design and use of plants and lighting, to the interior signage, no detail was overlooked. Each photo in the series reveals some small new detail that not only tells the story of the evening in question, but reveals more about the build. Even the backside of the building features exhaust fans and other details you’d expect.

The owl motif on the soaring tower (really throughout the build), and the use of small 1×1 round tiles to provide the texture on the tower is an amazing technique I may have to borrow.

You can visit his Flickr album for the project, or scroll through the gallery below.

LEGO Modular MOC - UiL Cafe

While you’re there, check out his “London Bus Diorama” for a mind bending build.

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