Wonder Woman Warrior Battle Set Revealed

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Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we have our first real look at the upcoming set Wonder Woman Warrior Battle (76075) which comes directly from the Wonder Woman movie with Gal Gadot and Chris Pine.

As you can see in the main photo, the 286-piece set is based around the battle between our favorite Amazon, Wonder Woman, and the god Ares. Also included is Steve Trevor piloting a small airplane and hoping to help fight the god. Good luck, right?

The 2 minifigures look pretty good with Wonder Woman wearing her slightly-darker (compared to the comics) toned Justice League costume and Trevor wearing a nice looking helmet with goggles. The brick-built Ares figure is very reminiscent of the Ant-Man figure we got last summer in the Airport Battle (76051).

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The movie will be released in North America on June 2 but the Warrior Battle set will be released on May 1.

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