More The LEGO Batman Movie sets in June – Pictures inside!

Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, we now have our first look at 4 new The LEGO Batman Movie sets due to be released in June. Prices below are in USD.

For me, and a lot of people, the Batwing is the star of these sets although each has a nice focus on details in the vehicles (Let’s ignore the Scarecrow set except for the minifigure). In the Batwing set, we get a mini car that will store inside and minifigures of Harley Quinn, Batman and Robin.

Which one is your favorite?

Scarecrow Fearful Face-off (70913) – $14.99

Bane Toxic Truck Attack (70914) – $49.99

Two-Face Double Demolition (70915) – $59.99

The Batwing (70916) – $89.99