LEGO Jungle Explorers Sets Coming in June?

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Until now, all we knew about the possible Jungle Explorers set was from a single image in a supplement to the 2017 LEGO catalog, but that all changed recently. Dutch toy site SinQel has posted placeholder listings for most of the early 2017 lineup.

This image appeared in the German version and translated it says “Discover a new world from June” according to Google. The minifigure and greens around him seem to promise an exploration of a jungle theme similar to the Volcano Explorers and Arctic Explorers over the last couple of years.

The set list sounds familiar too:

  • 60156 Jungle Buggy
  • 60157 Starter Set Jungle
  • 60158 Jungle Cargo Helicopter
  • 60159 Mission Jungle with Half-track Vehicle
  • 60160 Jungle Mobile Laboratory
  • 60161 Jungle Research Station

2016’s Volcano Explorers had a very similar roster of sets, for example:

No photos of the LEGO Jungle Explorers are available yet, but I anticipate we will see some from the upcoming Toy Fairs.

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  1. There are currently rumors that a new molded animal will be included in at least one of the sets. One report said “male and female” versions which led to speculation about a lion. Other reports are stating they’ve seen a new tiger figure.

    Apparently new crocodiles will also be included.


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