2017 LEGO Technics 42061 and 42066 photos

The amazing crew over at HothBricks.com have uncovered photo after photo of new 2017 LEGO sets and today bring us 2 spectacular looking LEGO Technic sets, namely Telehandler (42061) and Air Race Jet (42066).

First let’s take a look at a set that I missed in our first overview of upcoming 2017 Technic sets.

Ocean Explorer (42064) – 1327 Pieces

The set is Ocean Explorer (42064), a large and impressive ship featuring a helipad, helicopter and submersible ROV.

Telehandler (42061) – 260 Pieces

The Telehandler is a fully articulated telescoping, well, handler. The front can accommodate a variety of implements including bucket, pallet forks, muck grab, or winch in the real world, but this handler includes just the bucket attachment. This 2-in-1 set can also be built as a tow truck.

Air Race Jet (42066) – 1151 Pieces

This 2-in-1 set coverts from a sleek looking Air Race Jet to a Private Jet both of which feature 2 motorized features according to the box. The Air Race Jet features a retractable landing gear and the rear jet moves between take-off and flying positions. The Private Jet variation features the same motorized landing gear but also uses the motor to power the jet engine fans.