Newly Redesigned unveiled

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Today most of the world woke up to a brand new look for, which had been previewed in other parts over the last couple of months.

The video above shows some of the new design and features, as promoted by LEGO.

Despite the preview and the “improvement” the site isn’t being met with happiness by everyone.

  • There are sets missing from the new site. For example in Architecture neither the Buckingham Palace nor US Capitol Building are present
  • The look and feel are being called “childish”
  • It’s very slow to load on a mobile device
  • Parts of the site are not updated with the new look
  • The new layout pushes really relevant content WAY down the page in favor of a promoted item, exclusive items and large VIP and Pick-A-Brick boxes
  • There’s a LEGO heart on pictures with no indication of what it does

Over on, there’s a ton of comments about the site, most of which are not favorable. is also listing promo codes for many European countries.

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