LEGO Halloween Vampire Set (40203) Review

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FVampire box (40203)or the upcoming Halloween holiday season, LEGO is once again introducing a seasonal themed set, this time in the form of this cute holiday Vampire (40203).

This inexpensive set ($9.99USD) comes with the 150 pieces you need to build the vampire and his companion bat. The box has a purple theme to match the Vampire’s highlights, but doesn’t feel very “Halloween”. The skull on the front has lines that would let you address the gift to someone, and the spiders are a nice touch.

I built the set last night and have mixed feelings about it. The scale of the bat is off compared with the figure when you put them together, but the bat is pretty cute. The Vampire also has a bit of a problem with scale. In the attempt to give him a brick-built cape, he ends up feeling very thick and bulky around the base.

The use of a few interesting pieces (mainly the “teeth” that form his teeth and fingers) and the eyebrows make the built a bit interesting and not just your ordinary set. I haven’t experienced building any of the holiday or other custom sets before, so this was a nice introduction. I think the upcoming Thanksgiving set looks interesting, but possibly with the same issue as the Vampire.

Vampire (40203)

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    • I love the way you tell a story and take some really unique photos! Thanks for the comment and the link to your site, I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog.


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